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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 3, 2017 5:30am-5:58am EDT

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minute. to court today for bill cosby. >> prosecutors want permission to useagainst him, even from des ago. from 2,005. >> it is a disturb fseced into a vacant home and sexually assaulted in hunting park. >> police ar attackers. >> oh, my gosh. that's it. >> a powerful storm system continues to rumble south. a mother aer tornado demolished their filibu♪ >> ♪ >> well that s performing at the country we'll tell but other bigoday?
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>> not quite t find of yesterday. tot, feature quiethat will such beau. so, while we stay dry note, and also a quiet not go temperatures held tight into wind. that's the story upnd ponorebounds all the way back up dditionalw or midgo for the mous degrees for you in the so, while we do have a lot more clouds coveril we look ahead to tuesday two separate couple of days. so the first obviously comes night, into thursday, especially, but generally,
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pretty mild pattern, that's unfolding here for the delaware valley. good news in that regard if you are not a fan of the super chill. but we will cool back day, and t you know when coming up. >> who doesn't like the 70s? good morning,aping up, showing u video right now of overturned tanker truck, now this actually happened 1:00 p.m. a.c. expressway eastbound before hammonton, entrance closg 8:00 a.m., closing two to four lanes, it look earlier crews were out, there some that far has casino every call under down little bit like i said, just entrance ramps now closed, but, again, two of the four lanes moving in the eastbound direction on the a.c. expressway will be closed. for those row pairs, yes it, will slow you down, probably little residual gaper delay on the westbound side as women. then also accident montgomery county downed pole and wires,
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morris road closed between west point pike and berks roa road. >> pa turnpike between ft. washington and norristown, lane block, areas will slow you down, and talking about a lot more construction coming up in the next ten minutes, rahel, back to you. >> meisha, see you then, thank you. bill cosby expect in the court today for pretrial hearing in his sexual assault casement prosecutors want the jury to see sealed document showing cosby admitting to giving several women quaaludes, powerful sedative. also like to show portions of cosby's book childhood where he talks about a drug called spanish fly apparently afrodeziak made from biddle of the same name. want to exclude the testimony about the quaaludes and the book excerpt. >> police still looking for suspect they say shot and killed a man and a dog in north philadelphia. authority say shots rang out on the 1800 block of north cheney street around 5:00 last night. police arrive to find the dog had already died. thirty-seven year old victim
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heas rush to the hospital where he died. after county community mourning a teenager killed in a atv accident. >> this happened saturday afternoon along west patty bowker road in southampton township. authorities say 14 year old nicholas cunningham and a passenger lost control of the atv they were riding on. it collided with a atv being driven by another were injured e collision, nicholas died at the scene. none of the teens whelmets. >> when i found out i was with two other kids, we found out, we were heart broken. l never see him again. he was the funniest kid.t in this crash are expected to it figure out what sparked a three alarm fire in a abandoned warehouse in firefighters returned to the 200 block of south 11 street0 y. flames quickly took hold of the four story building. the fire burned for several
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hours bout the flames. >> in business news this morning, what you need to know about a new truck recall. >> wait until you hear why reservations are up at north carolina restaurant. joining us live from t new york fock stock exchange, good morning again, jill. >> good morning, jim, rahel. the first day of the second quarter here in wall street now putting to little higher open. on friday the dow fell 65 points, nasdaq dropped two, chinese president at the end of the week, and mr. trump'sg ty contentious topics, trade, and also, how to korea, president trump recently said china does need to get more involved. >> ford recalling about 63,000 trucks from this model's year even if their does not have the replacement parts yet.
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drivers of the s250 trucks redo use the parking brake to make sure the parked cars don't move. >> baby ban is good for business. at least at an upscale restaurant in north carolina. caruso's recently said no to kids five and younger it, came after customers complaining about crying and miss behaving kids. since the ban, business way up. >> look, i'm old school. if you, five and under, don't bring them to fancy restaurant. i don't think i went it a restaurant until i was a teenage where my parent. maybe they were cheap. but nonetheless, just, you know? >> i agree. you know what? upscale restaurant, people paying a lot of money to go for the ambience. nothing kills that like a crying babe. >> i different from a burger joint. please do not sends me your emails or your facebook messages. >> you know they're coming. >> pushing send, right now. >> thanks, jill.
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>> you know you just unguards lot of gleam oh, well, get over it. >> dwight evans, first of series of town hall meetings, gathered at drexel yesterday to ask questions for the president's tax credits, and school train structure, evans says as a representative in congress he hopes to build a stronger philadelphia. >> jared kushner and senior advisor in iraq today. he's touring the middle east with chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general joseph, senior trump administration officials say kushner wants to seat situation in iraq for himself, also, shows support for the fact that the government, so far, kushner has been involved in tax with mexico, canada, and several mid many eastern countries. >> powerful storm system sweeping across the southern us leaving total destruction? it path watch resident in lafayette louisianna woke to up sunday morning, more than 2 , and damaging winds struck from texas to tennessee. but louisianna the hardest hit. forecasters say the storm now moving east toward georgia, and many parts of the south
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remain under flood watches and warnings, throughout the morning. louisianna's governor is urging residents to stay home, and off the road. >> meanwhile, about 66 inches of rain pounded vernon parish louisianna yesterday. you can see the rainfall left major roads completely submerged under water. parish officials there are delivering sandbags to area residents. meantime more rain is expected in that area remains under a flashflood warning until 6:30 this morning. >> a rude awakening for some bostonians sunday morning two manhole covers went flying into the air. >> sound scary, right? fire and explosion near the city hall complex says two manhole covers at least 50 feet in the air landing several feet away from first responders, official blame it on under ground cable failure. >> very unusual. we do have equipment that fails whether it is operating, but unusual. >> good it is a sunday
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afternoon, not too much traffic. >> and the underground explosion knocked out some traffic light, near the scene, but they're working again. >> well, a chaotic scene at massachusetts gas station, caught on camera. police say a woman was carjacked, but as the video shows, she fought back. take closer look at the surveillance footage. hopped into the victim's car as she pumps gas. the two struggle bit before she douse cents him, with gasoline. the suspect then speeds off, dragging the woman several feet before she fell to the grounds. >> said someone stole my car, i mean, i was helping accustom earn, i turned, looked, smelled all of the gas, and she was covered in gas. just panicked. i gave her the phone right away. >> authority track down the car, abandoned few miles away. today police are still searching for that suspect. >> welcoming up. ment country music throws a big party in vegas? was it a bigger? >> big winners, and how one star says her fans really supported her through a personal struggle.
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>> good morning, guys, baseball is back. and the phillies kick offer their season later this afternoon in cincinnati. can they turn it around? we'll gave you a few reasons you need to stick with the phils in 2017. that is
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♪ all the boys think she's a spy, ♪ ♪ she's got bette davis eyes >> the 2017 season fins for the phillies as they take on the cincinnati reds. next 162 games, and to tell house we need to keep an eye on.
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>> excited for baseball. >> seems that way. >> yes, baseball of course a marathon, not a sprint. so much can change over the course after season. and now the phillies would like to start running in the other selection, after years of losing. after going 71 and 91, in 2016, they've finished either last or next to last in the national league east will this year be different? three things it look for. first thing to look out for the development of jarrod in his first full season a year ago, he pitched well. sporting 635era, almost 200 innings. although jeremy is the phillies opening day starter, their most consistent pitcher. they'll need him to be their de factor ace yet again this year, especially with after aaron nola struggling to get right after amish use last year. another player to look out for, may not even play every day, but he could be the phillies most interesting offensive weapon. twenty-six year old aaron al tear has yet to playful year. but he is is someone who can
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tilt the phillies season in a positive direction. just un 400 plate appearances, alear nine homers, 44 rbi's playing excellent defense. so if he can break out the phillies fans are in for a threat. and, finally, we continue to look for the future, the phillies aren't expected to contends just yet, but when they do, crawford and jorge alfaro will be there, but are knocking on the door. crawford multi tool player who is the shortstop of the future. while alfaro has monster arm, powerful bat. likely see both at some point later this year, once we do, hopefully see them carry the phillies for the next five to ten years. manager pete mccann on recently talked about playing 500 baseball. i think that would represent nice move in the right direction toward getting back to their winning ways. can you believe, now been nine years since the world series? we would like to see the phillies inch closer to new run of division titles and more, and that guy, guys,
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could happen very, very soon. >> and i'm ready. i'm red which my outfit. >> oh. >> katie loves it. >> that time of year again. >> now, i am not wearing this for 16 games. >> i hope not. >> katie? >> maybe one game would be enough for that. >> my exact words when i saw it? what's that monstrosity on the set? >> even our floor director deb normally the nicest person in the world, just through so much hate at jim. >> i have matching pants. ill he tweet out photos later on. >> coming from a phillies fan there is that is ugly. >> can't say you don't have team spirit. >> okay, people. >> i'll be relatively positive about the wetter. >> yes, relatively speaking, actually two separate systems coming through, i do have your phillies home opener forecast. we've seen really awesome or really horrible weather, i feel like, for that home opener. of course, this time around it, looks like it will be inbetween. but let's sort of shift gears. take a look weighs going on in
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the deep south. storm system that's actually headed our way is currently bringing in some very enhanced potential for severe weather down across portions anyway of the panhandle of florida, and then the rest of the south moving into george a everything sort of shifting east. we do start to see this system moving, sending moisture offer to the northeast, but look at the heavy thunderstorms currently rumbling in here across some of the states. you can start to already see some of the storm getting it strength, gathering organization, you see more of the comma shape that's taking place, so, now that it has got its organization together it heads our way it, does bring with it some rain and thunderstorms. so this is one of two storms that we are going to be tracking in the next couple of days, but let's turn to the eyewitness weather watch ers, lots to report this morning, little more chill in the air in some spots than others, 33, mark out in chatsworth, 33 as well, out toward new ham over, gilbertsville, pretty sure that's eileen's observations but zero in on couple of other
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folks here, john carol sending in chilly temperature at 38 degrees this morning, he's only got couple every clouds out there, but definately i would certainly echo this further off to the wets, had two, from greg, he, too, finding nothing more tan couple of clouds, moderate temperatures, and he's hoping that the rain will hold off until he get his yard work done, but as long as you're doing that greg through the day, you will be fine, later tonight any rain would move? >> partially cloudy at this point before the sun comes up, dew point at three. not too much moisture has built into the region just yet. but it will with time. so let's look at the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, how things will shake on from here on out. promise you that. but backing it up, very mild up until then. 70s tomorrow.
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hyped the system, running erring showers, more chill in the air, more seasonable for early april. upper's at best for the first day of the phillies season here at home. meisha? >> goods morning, happy monday, the boulevard, pushing in the southbound direction, one of the areas heating up little bit right now, once we jump on to the schuylkill, tail light moving in the westbound direction at the schuylkill at city avenue you can see how starting to build levels. already seeing brake lights go off here pushing in the westbound direction, eastbound side, not much different from the schuylkill. right around city avenue. just heads up. for those every you just headed out the door might want to give yourself couple of extra minutes starting right now. also, accident montgomery county doiled pole and wires, closed west point pike and berks road, use alternate, sumneytown pike your best bet around there. plus, we had overturned tanker truck that happened yesterday, around 1:00 p.m. that is still thousands -- spilled thousands of gallons
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of fuel on the update. update a.c. expressway near hammonton, entrance ramps closed but starting 8:00 a.m. repairs will be done. so two eastbound lanes out of four are going to be closed. westbound side, not really affected. you might get little gaper delay. overall starting at 8:00 a.m. that's really going to impact our morning commute in the middle of our rush. also, take a look at this, construction going on 95 north onramp from columbus boulevard closed 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> this will linger out there through thursday. rahel, back over to you. >> big night for the country starts of the country music awards. >> jason al dean! >> jason al dean took home the awards for entertainer of the
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year, for the lamberts, albumn of the year. >> thank you for letting me sharing my heart break and sharing it with me. >> now her albumn was inspired from her divorce from ex-husband blake sheldon. lady and the bell up looked good. other winners, male vocalist of the year, single record of the year for their song holy. jam pack event was co-hosted by superstars luke bryant and dierks bentley. plus i got to tell you about the boss baby success this past weekend. >> very sorry. >> but i think the kid might be -- >> this look so fun toy me, apparently a lot of people agree. dream works animated comedy boss baby dominated. it tells the story how the arrival after new babe way surprisingly adult life persona impact one family's life. >> and following closely behind, at number two, disney remake of beauty and the beast
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earnings $47.5 million. also, the film adaptation of japanese comic starring johanson, came in at three, in ers first weekends, that grossed $19 million. in a sport often accused of being fake, something very roll happened at last night's russell mania. >> very real, swee sweet. right after the tag team win wwe superstar john seen a got down on bended knee, let's see, big old diamond, real diamond, meisha. and asked his long time girlfriends to marry him. she of course said yes. the tag team partners fielded with a kiss on live tv. said been waiting so long to pop the question. the pair by the way has been dating from five years. >> good for them. >> yes, that is really really cute. >> my heart. >> you see couples that sharing something together like that, like they're in the same profession, they can do it in front of all of their fans. >> i would like to see what happens during arguments. >> oh, boy. that, that, ya.
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>> coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," special ride for teenager life threatening condition. >> we'll introduce to you young man who is a big fan of exotic cars, and we'll tell you how group of car owners came together to make his wish come true.
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>> world autism awareness day, took part in the lighted up blue campaign, blew is the color for the ad vaux cathy group, and april also national awareness autism month. >> well, ferrari drivers surprised teenager suffering from a life threatening genetic condition. >> austin adamson always wanted to visit ferrari factory, so owner club surprised him with a special car exhibit yesterday. sixteen year old adam son whose condition is rare got to check out 30 cool rides, even get a ride in a car. was organized with the "make a wish foundation." >> well, coming up in "eyewitness news": we're
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continuing. >> we'll be right back. don't go anywhere.
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so don't wait. get your free online valuation now. ♪ find out how much your car's worth ♪ ♪ at >> built cosby will be back in court do to argue over evidence, live with what prosecutors want to make sure
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the seize. alert. , this morning, starts out nice, but katie is tracking some thundes, april 3rd, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm katie an. here. so glad march is gone. >> so happy. >> i woke up t >> really? >> yes. i'll take no march with athfore, ressway, big accident yesterday, it had all lanes blocked now updates, will impact this the quiet. >> i don't think talking anywhere near the severity of ter storm, looking ahead, this point doesn't put us ink we
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could see gusty caliber of what we have already seen unfold t sn united states, storm scan here local if i at t totally quiet. couple every clouds out there. those are definitely going to be a lot in numerous here such a gorgeous day, 45 yeast, should rebound, about another 20re


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